Well, this is my blog. My hopes is to document the projects I am doing in my mini painting hobby. I'm not the best painter but I do enjoy to sling the paint at some 32mm duders.

With any hope this will help others in not making the same mistakes I make while painting. Feel free to use any techniques I describe or reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions.

To start this crazy acrylic journey I thought I'd start with a display piece. The end goal is to put this in my cabinet and be pleasing to look at. No I don't intend to use this in any wargames or as a boss for weekly dnd. This is more of a project to push my painting skills and see what happens.

The scene I want to paint comes from a book. The Dresden Files Dead Beat, by Jim Butcher. I'm going to try and describe the setting without spoilers so: In the scene the hero of the tail summons a being from the spirit world. To long didn't read this guy is supernaturally bad news and could crush our hero shortly. So it's kind of an all stakes are on moment.

The passage goes like this:

“The Erlking stood better than eight feet high. Other than that it looked more or less like a human dressed in close-fitting leathers and mail of some dark, matte black substance. It wore a bucket-shaped helmet that covered its face, and the horns of an enormous stag rose up and away from the helm. Within the slit of the helmet's visor, I could see twin gleams of amber fire, and as those terrible eyes settled upon me, I could feel the presence of the being behind them like a sudden raw and wild hunger that pressed against the outside of my skin. I could feel the Erlking's lust for the wild night, for the hunt, and for the kill.”

This sounds exciting to me! Next I'll talk about the choices of mini figures and my plan in the next installment of Let's Throw Paint.