The Quest to Sculpt the Perfect Man

This project has made me really feel for those renaissance sculptors back then. They must have spent hundreds of hours on a leg alone of that marble statue, that’s to scale. Meanwhile, I’m over here struggling to fill in this man’s lower back at a scale of 1:56 in ~4 hours.

I inspected my work after it had dried and noticed a few things: One, I left a fingerprint on his inner thigh. Two, the back gap was not fully filled; looks like I was too frugal with the amount I added. I’ll have to sand the fingerprint out and add some more material. I think the proper strategy is to add extra material and sand it down to size.

Finally, there is a forearm gap on his shield hand. I’ll have to add some material to that as well.

I tried something new when I was forming the Green-Stuff. I submerged the premixed putty into water before I mixed it. This made mixing the two easier, I have no idea why I’ll just have to keep this in mind for my next Green-Stuff project. As far as adding the Green-Stuff it was uneventful no new insights like above. I was pleasantly wrong though and the back addition didn’t need much sanding as I had thought.

Which is great because sanding small objects is very difficult to do in a controlled fashion.

Once it was dried, I checked it again to verify this is all how I wanted it to be.

Next time I’m going to start priming! I usually use a black primer; I’m thinking of trying to do a dark green primer this time. I think the Russian Green from Vallejo’s primer line (70.609) would be perfect. I will explore that in more detail next time.