So Many Coats!

This is easily my least favorite part. It’s still the beginning of the project and everything you do looks mediocre at best and your no where near the end to judge if its a good job or not.

From this post on progress is going to be very slow going. Instead of explaining every little detail like the last couple of posts I'll just cover what I have been working on over the last few days. And anything noteworthy I feel I’ve learned from the process.

Today’s objective is to finish base coating the Erlking. I’ll leave the legs alone for now and move onto another part to keep my thoughts off the weird looking legs I got right now.

I decided to do the cape. I looked at my reference picture (which can be seen in the last post) and decided on a deep brown. Quick thin and coverage ended up with the following result:

Now in the story our man the Erlking is a Fae, so I need his skin to look eerily perfect. I’m thinking paler than normal to get the eerily part down, and I’ll give him some Celtic looking runic tattoo to sell the Fae part. I put the first layer of skin and got what can be seen below.

I am officially in the worst part of mini painting. Often times referred to as the “Ass phase” by some. This result doesn’t disappoint either, its very displeasing to look at at the moment…

I’ll keep with these colors for now, a few more coats on the back will make it not look patchy. Then I can decide if I want to pivot on the color choice there or not. Hope you all have a good weekend and stay tuned for this crazy journey.