Now That's Just Prime!

Primin’ Time! Due to the amount of Green-Stuff I will need to prime this project. This will help the paint stick to the miniatures and provide an undertone to the base coat of the model. The undertone will help give the mini a certain feel, for example a white undertone will make the paint feel brighter.

Whenever I prime mini’s I have a check list I work through:

This is just my mental check list I do. That gives me the confidence that I’ve done everything in my power to give the primer a chance to stick to the model.

I usually use black or white primer in a project. This time I want to challenge myself and do something different. I want to use Russian Green from Vallejo’s primer line (70.609), for the Erlking. This is a darker color so it will help sell the dark atmosphere feel that was described in the book. It will also help me when I paint as I always imagined the Erlking was wearing mostly hunting leathers. A nice green undercoat will help sell the leather being old and ancient.

I’m used to priming everything as a singular model. Whenever I was trying to spray the pieces with the airbrush the parts would fly across my table and I had to chase them down. I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming. To fix that I used some double-sided adhesive and stuck the main body on a base. It was held stationary by a painting handle.

For the shield I used the same approach and double-sided tapped it to a different base. With the arm and cape, I had to be a bit more creative as a lot of the surface needed to be primed. I ended up using sticky-tac and a stick.

With my parts not blowing across my entire hobby desk. I was able to get a nice even coat of the Russian Green.

The goal for next time is to add a Zenithal highlight. I’ll discuss more about specific plans and strategies then. For now, I am content with my process. I was hoping to get through all the airbrush work but that’s okay. I hope you all have a good weekend, and a safe Halloween!