Mistakes were Made!

I’m not the best painter and never claimed to be. So, I’ll make a lot of mistakes through the process, and I’m super critical of my work. It’s important to just roll with the mistakes and make the most out of them.

I started off by adding a Zenithal highlight to Dresden. I wanted the source of light to come from the direction of his hand. I also wanted it to be a warm color kind of an off yellow. I used a mixture of 2:3 yellow to orange, with a hint of brown. I liked this it appeared as a warm light brown. I sprayed Dresden with the concoction to give the map for the highlights and shadow I ended up with this as a result:

This was defiantly greener than I wanted, once this dries, I’ll go over it again with a warmer color. For now, I’ll move on to base coating the Erlking.

I wasn’t ready for this step yet honestly, I wanted the Erlking to be dark greens and purple/black. But that was about as far as I made it with the color scheme. I started searching pictures of Herne the Hunter. Whom was the visual inspiration for the Erlking, below are two results that I liked:

The trousers are a dark green-blue so I’ll mixed up some paints and slapped on the initial coats to his legs. I wasn’t super excited with the result, but I was looking at wet paint I’ll stop here for now and reevaluate the next time.

A lot of doubts here, but I’ll power through them for now. The vision in my head is still clear it is just a matter of can I convince the brush to listen. We will have to wait and see, stay tuned for next time.