Making the Most of Free Space

Let’s not forget that this miniature was a Game’s Workshop model. What that means is at every chance to put extra Bojangles on the mini they’ll do it. Now you might wonder why I have an empty back then? Answer: I removed part of the mini. This leaves the back open and free to do with how I please. Which is nice, and I can utilize that by adding a tattoo to the Erlking.

Before I moved onto the highlight and shading, I wanted to add some details to the Erlking’s back. As mentioned in the previous post I wanted to add a tattoo. This will allow me to practice some free hand or as people who are not in the mini painting say: Painting.

I decided to go with the below symbol for inspiration mostly because it looked easily repeatable on a smaller scale.

I decided to use a dark blue (A mixture of Vallejo BLUE and a hint of Black Ink) for this it would help with making the skin appear darker and would pop relative to the skin tone. After a bit of back and forth work I was left with this result:

For a first attempt I was happy with the result. I’m going to make it more faded next try and make it look like this tattoo was done at some point in the past. But for the time being this is a good stopping point; next time I’ll work on making this look more natural and faded.