Kitbashing, Modding and Enhancing

I can rebuild him. I have the technology.

To take something and reshape it, that is the goal for today. Post mold line removal and gluing the head together this is what I was working with:

This doesn’t really say stag horns to me. I started rummaging around my bit collection looking for a piece that I could replace the stag horns. I stumbled upon a lot of different candidates, however, the one I liked the most was from Sylvaneth Branchwych (See Below). This seemed like a perfect fit to me! All I had to do was remove the giant horns currently in place.

Now I liked the helmet look, my hopes are to remove the horns without ruining the two side wings of the helmet. As I could use those to help secure the horns in place. After removing the tall horns, I ended up with this:

I cut the new horns out of the sprue and lined them up, preparing them to attach to his head. I eventually realized that the gem in the middle of the current helmet would have to be removed. I sanded it smooth with the rest of the helmet and used some Sprue Goo cement it in place. Sprue Goo is a mixture of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and cut up leftover sprue mixed in. Tamiya melts the sprue inside of it and hardens into essentially the plastic sprue when it dries.

For a first attempt I’m okay with this. I’ll have to do a bit of work to it, sanding down the protrusion and adding material to make it feel like a part of the helmet. That will have to wait until it dries. For now, I can attach the head to the mini, giving me a better hold when that moment comes.

After the head, I cut out the arms from the sprue and glued the left hand in place. Nothing exciting happened but I ended the hobby session with the Erlking in this state:

Seems like I am almost ready for the priming stage. Just a few more obstacles in the way. A couple of holes in the legs need to be filled to make the Erlking look less treefolk and more people-ey? I also need to figure out how to hold him together while I spray primer.