I haven’t posted on this blog in over a year. The frequency of posting ~3 times week really burnt me out. That and moving really shifted my focus (it’s been a couple months but I finally had time to come back to this.).

I am going to shift this blog from a mini-painting blog to something different. There will be no theme, just a random guy on the interwebs (or not so random for some of you) and his current fascination/opinion and journey through life.

Currently I have made the decision to stop playing video games. I wanted to replace that hobby with something more healthy/productive/rewarding. I am considering many things and will write my thoughts on here if I manage to find the time.

I am considering a few creative hobbies, a few active hobbies, and other hobbies I had no idea how to categorize. I guess this is my version of the midlife crisis lol.

~Just an Average Guy